TIBCO Cloud Messaging

TIBCO Cloud™ Messaging

  • Create stickier apps with real-time messaging
  • Let TIBCO manage the infrastructure so you can focus on your apps
  • Choose from multiple messaging types to fit your needs

Cloud event streaming for reliable and secure data distribution

Create Stickier Apps with Real-time Messaging

High-performing applications require real-time exchange of information—exactly what TIBCO Cloud™ Messaging software provides. With multiple options, including TIBCO® Messaging Castle - Powered by Apache Kafka®, TIBCO® Messaging Quasar - Powered by Apache Pulsar™, TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™, TIBCO FTL® and TIBCO eFTL™ software, we have you covered. Whether you need event-driven app integration; high-performance, low-latency messaging; connections for web apps to backend systems; or IoT integration, the robust yet simple TIBCO Cloud Messaging client API and cloud distribution network is the easiest way to connect.

Cloud Messaging: Reliably Deliver Data without the Headaches

Data Delivery without the Headaches

TIBCO Cloud Messaging software provides built-in fault tolerance, multi-zone data reliability, and scalable performance. It allows you to focus on application logic and not worry about deploying containers or infrastructure for your event streams. Simply connect your apps to the API and start publishing and subscribing to event messages immediately.

Simple Message Distribution & Management with TIBCO Cloud Messaging

Simple Message Distribution & Management

TIBCO Cloud Messaging software provides loose coupling between your applications. Separating message distribution and management from your applications makes it faster, easier, and less expensive to develop, deploy, and manage event-based applications.

Enterprise-grade Security with TIBCO Cloud Messaging

Enterprise-grade Security

TIBCO Cloud Messaging software lets you create and manage the authentication keys your applications will use to connect to the service, and you can take advantage of end-to-end encryption with Transport Layer Security (TLS), ensuring your data remains confidential.

Support for All Your Use Cases with TIBCO Cloud Messaging

Support for All Your Use Cases

Whether you want to adopt a multi-cloud strategy, create web-scale cloud applications, communicate with large numbers of mobile & IoT devices, or just need a reliable messaging service without all the headaches, TIBCO Cloud Messaging infrastructure provides a single tool for setting up and securely and reliably sharing information among applications.