Discover and improve your business processes

Successful digital transformation strategies must include business optimization. How do critical processes perform? What are the most frequently used process paths? Which are the most efficient? Are resources optimized? Where are the bottlenecks? What sort of fraud and compliance violations are occurring?


Your operational systems and their data hold the answers. Using AI-enabled process mining and verifiable metrics, you can gain transparency and objectivity into your operational performance and compliance. Validate current processes, diagnose bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and prioritize to improve productivity, reduce delays, lower costs, minimize rework, and improve quality.

Project Discover

In this 2-minute video, learn how TIBCO enables any organization to assess and improve its critical business processes.

Connected Intelligence

For Process Mining

  • Process Discovery
  • Process Documentation
  • Compliance Checking
  • Improvement and Automation
  • Continuous Monitoring
Process Discovery

Achieve end-to-end visibility into process performance based on actual operational system data. Create a solid foundation for accurate analysis and diagnosis of process issues.


Identify and quantify process inefficiencies, bottlenecks, resource patterns, behaviors, and barriers to productivity.

Process Documentation

Automatically generate a starting point for process documentation based on system-generated data.


Collaborate and drive a common understanding of the current state of processes and desired transformations or optimizations.


Use the documentation to enable continuous improvement and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Compliance Checking

Compare and quickly identify variances and abnormal patterns between as-designed processes and the actual in-use versions.


Generate a compliance score for all transactions and determine whether they violate an internal policy, external regulation, or the desired SLA.


Automatically raise your most critical compliance cases to investigate, track, and take remediation actions.

Improvement and Automation

Identify the best business process candidates for optimization by assessing performance and employee or customer behaviors and apply resources based on priority.


Simulate proposed improvements before implementation to test changes and check compliance.


Use process insights to help prioritize your automation strategy.

Continuous Monitoring

Continually measure business process performance in real-time to check compliance and ensure continuous return on investment.


Use learnings from past processes and cases to predict the path, cost, complexity, and duration of current cases.


Raise alerts on in-flight transactions and act on any problems at the right time!