Predict confidently with real-time, data-driven intelligence

Identify insights in real time with smarter, more immersive analytics, and act on these insights for data-informed decisions and better business outcomes

Today's most innovative enterprises have developed hyper-aware nerve centers that let them act on the latest findings and make effective decisions. Hyperconverged analytics, including real-time data science, delivers this advantage—and helps predict what will happen next. TIBCO makes it possible to explore your data—structured, unstructured, and streaming—find insights in the fastest time possible, build and manage machine learning pipelines, and deliver trusted intelligence through embedded data science for agile and adaptive operations and amazing customer experiences.

  • Easy, Enterprise, Immediate: NOW– analytics you can act on.

Immersive Visual Analytics

Immersive Visual Analytics

Interactively explore disparate data. Drill down or across multi-layer sources with fully brush-linked, responsive visualizations. One-click predictions and insights driven by embedded data science models update in real time.

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Data Science & Machine Learning

Data Science & Machine Learning

Apply data science and machine learning methods to generate smarter models and manage them over their lifecycle to realize full value. Provide data scientists with reusable templates that can be easily deployed with industry-leading model management, monitoring, and governance to deliver insights the organization can understand, trust, and act on.

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Closed Loop Analytic Applications

Closed Loop Embedded Applications

Build smart advanced analytics mashups from data at-rest and in-motion. Create applications with feature-engineered custom expressions and embedded data functions. Easily share your analysis with one-click web deployment.

Real-time Streaming Analytics

Real-time Streaming Analytics

Consume and analyze streaming data alongside historical data in a single environment. Automate action in real time by applying analytics and predictive models to live data. Score data, send alerts, and take action at high speed for decisions that are timely and right for the moment.

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