Transforming services for sustainable growth

Digital transformation for insurers is an imperative; the exploding volume and velocity of data brings both competitive threat and new opportunities. Through TIBCO, more personalized and contextual offerings and premium/risk management methodologies can boost business significantly for Life & Pensions, Personal & Commercial lines, specialist segments, and Reinsurance.


With a unified approach to data access, advanced analytics, and AI technologies, TIBCO helps you optimize your business, differentiate your offerings, and provide market-leading customer experiences.

The Data Driven Insurer

This 3-minute video demonstrates how TIBCO can accelerate the journey to clean and trusted data. 

Connected Intelligence

For Insurance

  • Data Driven Insurance
  • Dynamic Pricing & Underwriting
  • Hyper-personalized Customer Experience
  • Claims Management
  • Process Mining
Data Driven Insurance
Optimize Operations and Unlock New Revenue Opportunities

Put the most relevant and trusted data at the center of transformation to enable agility, innovation, profitability, and growth for all functions and lines of business, from risk prevention and compliance to policy & claims administration.

AA Ireland Transforms Itself and Insures Predictable Success
Customer: The AA Ireland
Reduce Underwriting Losses and Increase Earned Premiums

Adopt dynamic pricing strategies in a fraction of the time, and with the latest models, ML, and AI techniques. Reduce losses with greater underwriting insight and increase earned premiums by identifying profitable customers.

TIBCO NOW 2020 Lighthouse Awards: Operational Excellence - Sara Assicurazioni
TN2020 Lighthouse Award: Operational Excellence - Sara Assicurazioni
Communicate and React With Greater Relevance

Connect data from disparate systems to provide personalized offers to customers at just the right time, delighting them with omnichannel simplicity and ease. Automated insights can turn any knowledge worker into a customer expert, and data science lets you predict customer needs.

Increase Profitability & Reduce Operational and Claims Costs

Use TIBCO's modular solution to accelerate the automation and straight-through processing of claims from first notification of loss through to settlement with little or no human intervention.

Optimize Processes and Enable Effective Decision Making

Use TIBCO Process Mining to quickly visualize process inefficiencies, prioritize a list of changes, optimize operations, reduce costs, improve enterprise collaboration, and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

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