TIBCO Data Virtualization Wins Top Rated, Best Relationship, and Best Feature Set In TrustRadius Awards

TIBCO Data Virtualization
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We’re always honored and proud to receive recognition from analyst firms, but it’s especially exciting for us to see customers sharing their excitement about the positive value and impact they’ve received from our products. This time, our happy data virtualization customers have made themselves known in the form of three awards from TrustRadius: Top Rated, Best Feature Set, and Best Relationship.

TrustRadius’s “Best Of” Awards are determined entirely by verified customer reviews. As TrustRadius puts it, “We wanted to provide an award to show not only that your customers love your product, but also why.”   

The Features You Need, The Service You Trust

TrustRadius’ Top Rated Award helps improve transparency for B2B tech providers and buyers. The TrustRadius team assessed more than 60,000 customer reviews across 501 categories, scoring on three main points:

  • Rating
  • Recency
  • Relevancy

This award showcases an honest, unbiased look at TIBCO Data Virtualization as a product customers can be confident in and trust. Our customers know the value TDV brings to their biggest data challenges.

For the Best Relationship Award, TrustRadius examines key insight data present in product reviews, including:

  • Implementation Expectations
  • Would Buy Again
  • Sales and Marketing Promises

Winning this award means that TIBCO is ranked in the top 10 percent of all rated products on Trust Radius with rankings as provided by our customers. When it comes to data management, our customers know that they can count on us for not just an exceptional product, but also expert support and world-class customer service.

In the past year, TIBCO Data Virtualization has launched a new Self-Service Web UI, added capabilities for cloud deployments, and added connectivity to streaming data and cloud data lakes. It’s been another amazing year for product innovation, and receiving the Best Feature Set Award means that our customers agree! Our customers know that TIBCO Data Virtualization has the range of critical capabilities they need to solve their data challenges.

Authentic Reviews from Verified Customers

TIBCO is a proud member of TrustRadius’s TRUE program, which recognizes vendors who are committed to being Transparent, Responsive, Unbiased, and Ethical in how they source and manage their customer reviews. Here’s just a sample of what customers are saying about TIBCO Data Virtualization:

One of the best tools for data virtualization

“We chose this primarily because of TIBCO’s reputation. We chose this over other data virtualization instead of other styles primarily because it was a faster method of data regrouping. Secondly, gathering all data in one place creates various security problems, which was another major concern with data integration that helped us choose TIBCO Data Virtualization.”

—Information Technology Industry Verified User

A robust data virtualization

“…I have received personalized, attentive, responsible attention and I am always assisted by an expert staff on the topic.”

—Financial Services Industry Verified User

World’s most advanced data transformation and virtualization product

“The support we have gained from this platform is beyond our imagination. It has gone ahead and offered solutions to challenges that had delayed our development agendas. It has been able to transform the whole process of data integration and deliver datasets that are very important in data management.”

—Information Technology Industry Verified User

Read More Reviews

You can read these reviews in full, as well as dozens of others on the TIBCO Data Virtualization TrustRadius review page. Learn more about what makes TIBCO Data Virtualization a top-rated solution, or share feedback based on your own experiences. We always love to hear from you!

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