Advancing Data Practices: TIBCO Supports EDM Council Frameworks

TIBCO Joins the EDM Council
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Cloud solutions solve major cost and scalability challenges for businesses, and cloud usage is only projected to grow. Gartner reports that “in 2023, end-user spending is expected to reach nearly $600 billion” for public cloud services. As more companies adopt modern cloud solutions, they need the ability to properly manage their data, both in the cloud and in hybrid environments. Many companies are seeking best practices for data management either on-premises or increasingly in hybrid and in the cloud, including the EDM Council’s Cloud Data Management Capability (CDMC) framework. 

TIBCO is excited to announce we have recently become a member of the EDM Council alongside a number of TIBCO customers and partners, including founding members Morgan Stanley and London Stock Exchange Group, Accenture, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). 

Who is the EDM Council?

The Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Council is a cross-industry, non-profit global association created to lead data best practices, standards, and education. From strategy to implementation, the EDM Council helps over 15,000 professionals confidently address their data management and analytics challenges while meeting regulatory compliances. 

The EDM Council focuses on several key areas:

  • Implementing best practices
  • Training and certification
  • Analyzing and benchmarking data management practices
  • Driving standards to enable innovation
  • Networking the global community
  • Supporting data-related regulation and compliance

EDM Council’s CDMC Framework

EDM Council’s CDMC framework

The CDMC Framework is a best practice assessment and certification framework for the management and control of data in cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid-cloud environments. CDMC focuses and expands on capabilities critical to the control of sensitive data. It highlights areas where modern cloud platform features present opportunities for data standardization and automation.

The CDMC Framework has six major areas:

  1. Governance and Accountability: organizations “have clear accountability, controls, and governance for data migrated to or created in cloud environments”
  2. Cataloging and Classification: organizations “create, maintain, and use data catalogs that are both comprehensive and consistent”
  3. Accessibility and Usage: organizations “manage, enforce, and track entitlements and ensure that data access, use, and outcomes of data operations are done in an appropriate and ethical matter”
  4. Protection and Privacy: organizations “collect evidence that demonstrates compliance with the organizational policy for data sensitivity and protection”
  5. Data Lifecycle: organizations “define and apply a data lifecycle management framework, ensuring that data quality in cloud environments is managed across the data lifecycle”
  6. Data and Technical Architecture: organizations “ensure that data movement into, out of, and within cloud environments is understood and that architectural guidance is provided on key aspects of the design of cloud computing solutions”

TIBCO Supports Your Cloud-centric Journey with the EDM Council

TIBCO is well-positioned to join the council due to the depth and breadth of our portfolio. From cloud integration to master data management to hyperconverged analytics, TIBCO has the cutting-edge technology to solve all your greatest data challenges.

TIBCO supports your journey to the cloud with our Connected Intelligence solution that connects any application, device, or source seamlessly, unifies your data intelligently, and predicts with real-time data intelligence confidently.

TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence platform aligns with the six components of CDMC:

  1. Governance and Accountability: TIBCO’s platform ensures proper data governance and control so you can deliver the right data at the right time, securely, and in compliance with the ever-changing regulatory landscape.
  2. Cataloging and Classification: With TIBCO master data management you can create a single place for all domains—customers, employees, suppliers, assets, locations, materials, products, legal entities, financial accounts, reference data, and more! 
  3. Accessibility and Usage: TIBCO allows you to accelerate time to value by unlocking your distributed on-premises, cloud, and hybrid cloud data, no matter where it resides, and delivering it wherever it’s needed at the pace of business.
  4. Protection and Privacy: Ensure compliance and deliver auditing capabilities with TIBCO to deliver privacy and protection standards. TIBCO solutions provide granular level controls to enforce data management policies.
  5. Data Lifecycle: Share, manage, and govern all your key data assets including master, reference, and meta data with TIBCO’s single multi-domain master data management solution designed for business users.
  6. Data and Technical Architecture: With TIBCO data integration solutions, you can connect disjointed and diverse data across omni-cloud and hybrid environments to achieve organizational goals. Solve your business problems and reduce costs while boosting efficiency, productivity, innovation, and growth.
TIBCO Capability Model of Connected Intelligence

If your company is implementing cloud-centric data management initiatives, TIBCO’s Agile Data Fabric solution may be best suited for you. With a data fabric, you can:

  • Unify your data with an agile, modern architecture
  • Optimize data management and integration capabilities to simplify, automate, and accelerate your data pipelines
  • Share data assets to support all your diverse users and use cases

Learn more about implementing TIBCO’s Agile Data Fabric solution here.

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