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Saving lives and caring for patients requires trusted data to better inform high-stakes decision-makers. Extracting insights from complex data—and making this knowledge accessible—yields tremendous benefits for providers and patients.


TIBCO helps advance value-based healthcare through the power of data. With our advanced technologies, you can personalize patient services, improve care-team coordination, refine diagnoses, and better target therapies for improved outcomes. Interconnect systems with faster interoperability, increase data governance for higher standards compliance, and streamline revenue-cycle management for more cost-effective care, all while ensuring full HIPAA, regulatory, and accreditation compliance. Our industry-specific solution provides a comprehensive view of your ecosystem to better anticipate the needs of a post-pandemic world.


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  • TIBCO Omni-HealthData® Information Management for Health providers and Payers

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Connected Intelligence

for Healthcare

  • Tame Healthcare Data
  • Enable End-to-end Analytics
  • Improve Point of Care Decisions
  • Implement Correctly & Quickly
  • Think & Act Strategically
  • Optimize the Revenue Cycle
Tame the Healthcare Data Torrent

Patient data is fragmented in dozens of business unit silos. Interoperability promises to add external data, but how do you integrate it with everything else? With TIBCO, you can connect and access all patient, provider, facility, and organizational data—and eliminate administrative complexity.

Enable End-to-end Analytics

Get a more, unified, accessible complete view of a patient's healthcare & faster insights with:

  • A healthcare canonical mode derived from industry standards
  • Mastering of patients, providers, payers, and more
  • Harmonized reference data for faster analyses and access to care metadata
  • Pre-built components for faster insight into care gaps
Improve Point of Care Decisions

Providers get a consolidated view of the patient journey with all patient data from every source available. They can see if a patient is due for their periodic A1C or LDL, when they last had a retina exam, or whether they are overdue for preventative screening.

Implement Correctly & Quickly

With a proven standard, scoping and managing tasks proceeds quickly. Tools like out-of-the-box mapping templates for the canonical model, data quality and mastering rules, pattern-based marts, and metric algorithms get you up and running fast.

Think & Act Strategically

Including social determinants of health (SDoH) into patient care is essential to better patient and community service. Unifying SDoH with key patient data, combining and harmonizing external sources, and analyzing in the context of socio-economic and geospatial relevance results in insights that improve individual and community health.

Optimize the Revenue Cycle

Streamline your revenue cycle management process and increase profitability. Keep track of patient information from appointments to final payment. Use industry-standard EDI transactions to facilitate verification and compare factors affecting collections. Better adapt to value-based care reimbursement with accurate and trusted systems—agile enough to keep up with a changing healthcare market.

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