Modernize all aspects of your operations, leapfrog competition, and stand out from the marketplace.

The marketplace has changed, driven by evolving consumer demand, and intense competition from fintechs and large banks. In response, credit unions need to use their data to better understand members and their needs, streamline operations, personalize the digital experience, and improve member value.


TIBCO delivers enterprise-class analytics and data governance to support new insights and business value for your credit union.


Connect to all data regardless of its type or location. Use smart analytics to act on new insights, make informed decisions, achieve the financial performance you need to compete, and more effectively serve your community.

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Connected Intelligence

For Credit Unions

  • Understand the Member Journey
  • Attract the Next Generation of Members
  • Gain Operational Efficiency
  • Maximize Marketing Success
Understand the Member Journey

Integrate siloed systems and disparate data to create a 360 view of all your members and their unique journeys. With a single view of your members, you can better understand and design onboarding and experiences for them. You’ll find new ways to drive member growth and retention.

Attract the Next Generation of Members

Position your credit union towards the future and appeal to a new generation of digital natives. Leverage modern technology and deliver compelling digital experiences. Expand your ability to create alerts, explore and visualize data, use location intelligence, and share financial insights.

Gain Operational Efficiency

Wipe out unnecessary costs and delays caused by managing multiple vendors' technologies, contracts, and support. Instead, integrate and enrich your data with one solution. You'll be empowered to eliminate low-value processes, optimize your resources, and improve profitability.

Maximize Marketing Success

Discover the power of a new and trusted single-version of truth of your members. You'll be able to design and execute targeted and personalized offers to them across all channels with ease.