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Try shutting down your browser and starting again.", "measures": "measures", "choose_size_desktop": "Choose Size", "choose_size_mobile": "Sizes", "pack_design_link": "More about this design", "filters": {"layout": "Layout", "orientation": "Orientation", "portrait": "Portrait", "landscape": "Landscape", "close": "Cancel", "apply_filters": "Apply", "filter_options": "Filter options", "colour": "Color", "colour_filter_copy": "After you choose a template, you can customize the color of the text or background to create something that\u2019s uniquely yours.", "uploadable_image": "Add Image", "editable_image": "Edit", "industry": "Industry", "product_options": "Product Options", "paper": "Paper"}, "widgets": {"empty_hub_banner": "Sorry! We don't currently have any designs in this size. Try these other sizes instead..."}}, "feature_flags": {"dyo-tile": {"id": 1, "description": "A design your own pixel flow link on the browse page", "value": true}, "feature-flag-test-off": {"id": 2, "description": "Please do not remove or modify this. Used for testing purposes.", "value": false}, "feature-flag-test-on": {"id": 3, "description": "Please do not remove or modify this. Used for testing purposes.", "value": true}, "details-page-animation": {"id": 4, "description": "The pack images animate for tailored products on the details page", "value": false}, "design-guidelines-link": {"id": 5, "description": "Show/hide the design guidelines link on the browse page", "value": true}, "details-subtitle": {"id": 6, "description": "Adds text \"This will be the same throughout your pack.\" on details", "value": true}, "size-info": {"id": 7, "description": "Displays size info beneath sizes in action panel", "value": true}, "pagination": {"id": 8, "description": "The load more button and pagination", "value": true}, "test-flag-2": {"id": 9, "description": "Just a quick test", "value": true}, "mobile-browse-v2": {"id": 10, "description": "An iteration on the browse experience on mobile.", "value": true}, "display-filter-panel": {"id": 11, "description": "Toggle to display Product Options and Fillter Panel with Layout & Colour", "value": true}, "display-paper-filter": {"id": 12, "description": "Enables paper dropdown in Hubs", "value": true}, "display-industry-filter": {"id": 13, "description": "Shows Industry Filter for BC and NFC hub", "value": true}, "browse-bc-pack-link": {"id": 14, "description": "Display pack links in the template footer for business cards in the browse page", "value": true}}, "preview_version": null, "experiments": {"allocated": [], "third_party_exposures": []}, "is_tailored": false, "initial_details": "{\"design_style_id\": 5078, \"pdp_id\": 8854, \"pdp_slug\": \"budding-romance.html\", \"variant_id\": 11787, \"product_types\": [\"postcard_medium\"], \"product_type\": \"postcard_medium\", \"element_types\": [], \"special_finish_options\": [{\"element_type\": null}], \"element_type\": null, \"is_default\": true, \"design_family_name\": \"Budding Romance\", \"design_family_slug\": \"budding-romance\", \"description\": \"Medium Postcards\", \"orientation\": \"portrait\", \"cards\": [0, 1, 2], \"side_renders\": [{\"card_num\": 0, \"side_type\": \"details\", \"render_type\": \"composite\", \"formats\": {\"webp\": \"images/side-renders/8854/11787/878eb909-6b52-45f7-9150-b7a83f98c3a6.webp\", \"png\": \"images/side-renders/8854/11787/428bbcd3-a197-4d59-b424-aff1384fdfd9.png\"}}, {\"card_num\": 0, \"side_type\": \"image\", \"render_type\": \"composite\", \"formats\": {\"webp\": \"images/side-renders/8854/11787/ce2d6f68-7faf-4a7c-b63f-783595f66d71.webp\", \"png\": \"images/side-renders/8854/11787/e65f1737-8e85-48b5-81c4-a540cd29e1da.png\"}}, {\"card_num\": 1, \"side_type\": \"details\", \"render_type\": \"composite\", \"formats\": {\"webp\": \"images/side-renders/8854/11787/b5ab24f7-5865-4eed-a248-23b81e57d8fa.webp\", \"png\": \"images/side-renders/8854/11787/911e7e4c-c1cd-4c55-9f59-afa6a8bb7264.png\"}}, {\"card_num\": 1, \"side_type\": \"image\", \"render_type\": \"composite\", \"formats\": {\"webp\": \"images/side-renders/8854/11787/003f80ec-5470-401c-acbe-3131878045b5.webp\", \"png\": \"images/side-renders/8854/11787/2211293e-838a-420b-9fb8-a604f01264bb.png\"}}, {\"card_num\": 2, \"side_type\": \"details\", \"render_type\": \"composite\", \"formats\": {\"webp\": \"images/side-renders/8854/11787/2e135cc8-c484-4838-8b0e-97358cc8032e.webp\", \"png\": \"images/side-renders/8854/11787/7f47e3ee-e981-49ec-8f67-df230575e63a.png\"}}, {\"card_num\": 2, \"side_type\": \"image\", \"render_type\": \"composite\", \"formats\": {\"webp\": \"images/side-renders/8854/11787/e2807302-1f85-4ad0-82e1-24449a534fd8.webp\", \"png\": \"images/side-renders/8854/11787/a8a4cb0a-bf45-4fa8-9c53-b50a0e5d5794.png\"}}], \"front_title\": \"Front\", \"fronts_title\": \"Fronts\", \"front_subtitle_old\": \"Add your personal details here\", \"front_subtitle\": \"This will be the same throughout your pack.\", \"backs_title\": \"Backs\", \"backs_subtitle\": \"You have 3 options, you can use one, a few or all 3 in your pack\", \"designs_title\": \"Designs\", \"folded_title\": \"Inside & Back\", \"folded_subtitle\": \"Make it your own by customizing text, images and background color.\", \"inside\": \"Inside\", \"back\": \"Back\", \"pack_contents_info_mobile\": \"This design has 1 details side and 3 image sides.\", \"title_per_product\": {\"postcard_medium\": \"Budding Romance Medium Postcard template\"}, \"meta_per_product\": {\"postcard_medium\": \"Customize our free Budding Romance Medium Postcard design template to create tailor-made Medium Postcards for your business\"}, \"heading_per_product\": {\"postcard_medium\": \"Budding Romance Medium Postcard template\"}}", "family_slug": "budding-romance"}">