A synergistic transformation

As banks reinvent and fight for consumer mindshare and market relevance, dynamic forces redefine the landscape. Fintech disruptors, regulatory requirements, legacy modernization, and customer expectations mean you must accelerate digital transformation.


By capturing, unifying, and operationalizing enterprise data, TIBCO provides you with the technology to create API-led customer experiences, seamlessly connect operations, manage customer data for personalized services, and enable market and competitive insights all in one platform.

The Digital Bank

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Connected Intelligence

For Banking

  • Next Best Action
  • Fraud and Risk Management
  • Open Banking
  • Customer Journey
  • Business Transformation
Next Best Action
Increased Customer Loyalty

Banks have massive potential to act on customer data and influence behavior. Provide one-to-one personalization in real time using insights acquired from customer data points and transactions. Develop 360-degree customer views and deliver real-time targeted offers and services using event-driven architecture for maximum agility, flexibility, and accuracy.

Asurion Reduces Fraud and Risk with Advanced Analytics Customer Video
Customer: Asurion
Increased Operational Resilience

Fraud can be an intimidating force. Defend your ecosystem and customer data by reacting to threats faster using AI and ML models, mitigate risk with anomaly detection and digital twins to prevent problems before they occur, and predict and safeguard the future with simulations.

SIBS Leads Open Banking with TIBCO
Improved Accessibility

Embrace open banking and data sharing through APIs and transform data and service models. Offer customers more choice, better service, and frictionless commerce while taking advantage of new revenue streams, sustainable service models, and technology that reduces risk and makes compliance easy.

How Netspend Unifies Its Business with TIBCO EBX Software
Customer: Netspend
Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers want to easily access the right service whenever needed. Develop smart, real-time business insights into the customer journey. Create frictionless experiences and offer seamless connection to new and innovative services through third-party partners.

Improved Business Agility

More than ever, your banking business needs to scale, rapidly respond to changes in the financial markets, and safeguard its assets. Maintain business continuity, offer resilient delivery, simplify cloud-native technology adoption, and enable flexible, intelligent, cohesive, and accelerated business transformation.

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